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Yoga & Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Through a blend of breath, flow, and meditation, yoga promotes healing and relieves stress in men and women recovering from substance abuse. Yoga is one of the more popular holistic therapies offered by The Haven at Pismo. Clients of our California Central Coast rehab integrate yoga and meditation practices throughout all phases of their co-occurring disorder or addiction treatment program. In addition, the beautiful Pismo Beach climate invites yogis outdoors, year-round, to deepen their yoga practice while taking in beach views.

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Benefits Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation Addiction TreatmentYoga is an eastern discipline that enhances physical health and emotional well-being. One of the major advantages of this therapeutic technique is its portability. Without equipment or specialized tools, men and women can take their yoga practice with them after they return home from rehab. This form of therapy is especially beneficial for overcoming relapse triggers, reducing anxiety, or dealing with symptoms of a co-occurring disorder.

Meditation can be incorporated directly into your yoga practice, or pursued as a distinct form of therapy. You do not have to practice religion or profess a particular faith to meditate. Instead, it is an opportunity to put your mind at rest and look inward rather than concentrating on the external world. While meditation sessions require practice and concentration, it is wise to learn how to “be still” as you process your recovery, deal with underlying emotions, and let go of the desire to achieve instant gratification using drugs or alcohol.

Our credentialed practitioners can help you achieve this state of consciousness in order to produce fruitful results. And, once again, meditation is also a portable form of therapy that you can use for years to come!

Substance Abuse Treatment & Holistic Mind-Body Therapies

We know that stress inhibits progress in your addiction recovery journey. To combat this, The Haven at Pismo Beach offers a variety of alternative therapies that relieve tension and complement your customized treatment plan. To experience our beautiful, beachside setting or inquire about detox and holistic substance abuse treatment programs for men and women, call our team: 805.202.3440. Your reawakening begins today.

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