What Will My Daily Schedule Look like in Addiction Treatment?

The Haven at Pismo has a unique care program that spans the continuum of services and incorporates AA meetings, group and individual therapy, transitional living, and full-time support into our daily schedule. We make sure you receive the care you need to create a better life. We will give you opportunities to take advantage of our resources and tools every day. At The Haven, our daily schedule is an integral part of building skills needed to create a similar foundation after leaving treatment.

Before we go into the daily schedule of your time at The Haven, let’s get an aerial view of your care timeline, click to learn more about these specific phases of treatment.

Our clients typically stay between 30 and 90 days. After an initial assessment, we will develop a comprehensive program that meets each individual’s specific needs.

We craft our daily schedule carefully to ensure that you have continual opportunities for growth throughout the day. Of course, depending on the treatment phase you are in and the goals we want to work on, your exact schedule may look different.

A daily schedule at The Haven at Pismo might look something like this:

Where Your Day Begins

We believe women and men have distinct emotional and physical needs that we must consider as we provide treatment. Women and men face different societal pressures and wrestle with substance abuse in gender-specific ways. At The Haven at Pismo, we have gender-specific inpatient treatment facilities. Depending on your gender, you may start your day at The Mesa House for Women or The Solana House for Men.

Miracle Morning

We know how crucial it is to begin the morning in a positive light, which is why we developed the “Miracle Morning.” The schedule involves the morning meeting that our counselors or PSS staff run and set intentions for our clients. We implement various meditations, discussions, and mind-clearing exercises to help continue positivity throughout the day.

Process Group

During process groups, you will get the chance to participate in group therapy, which can be a powerful tool for growth and change for anyone recovering from addiction. During the process groups, about 6-10 individuals will come together to share their struggles and concerns with typically one to two trained therapists. The power of this style of therapy comes from the unique opportunity to listen to different perspectives, hear others’ support, receive encouragement and feedback from other individuals, and a therapist in a confidential environment. During this time, your goal will be to take comfort in the support of these individuals and use their motivation for a better life to help you connect more meaningfully to yours.


Our facilities are home to a skilled culinary team that prepares each of our meals for our detox, residential, and partial hospitalization clients. We craft all meals with healthy cooking techniques, hearty presentation, and nutrient-dense ingredients. Our culinary team uses our location’s unique access to produce from local farms and orchards to provide farm-to-table, organic, and other natural options as a routine part of the Haven dining experience. Here at The Haven, we also accommodate special nutritional needs, food intolerances, or religious dietary concerns. Please communicate this with our staff.

Our nutritional guidance is an essential part of any customized rehab program to help reverse the damage addiction has put your body through. Our staff of dietitians and culinary specialists will help you reduce these addiction-related conditions:

  • Malnourishment
  • Immune system damage
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Skin disorders
  • Liver & kidney damage
  • Diabetes

At The Haven, your culinary experience will not only educate you on how to fully nourish your body while enjoying delicious food at each meal.

Physical Activity

Part of the necessary healing in the recovery process is with the body, though not just with what you eat. Physical activity is vital to help keep mental sharpness and healthy working organs! We fill our afternoons with tons of activities available on the property or within close distance.

Here is a list to name a few with love to enjoy:

  • Freeform pools & hot tubs
  • Bocce ball
  • Surfing & kayaking
  • Kite & paddle boarding
  • Hiking & backpacking
  • Beach strolls
  • Sailing & fishing
  • Rock climbing & rappelling
  • Biking
  • Horseback riding
  • Golfing

Afternoon Options For Your Daily Schedule

After you have gotten your bodies up and moving, you will come back in to begin the afternoon portion of meetings. At this point, most group meetings are either life skills building or engaging therapeutic activities led by drug and alcohol counselors.

Some of our unique activities may include:

Art therapy: Art therapy has become a keystone for counseling and support services. Our centers provide group sessions to draw, paint, or use other creative media like clay to increase true self-express and creativity. This modality can help you process your innermost feelings and be a great way to deepen your understanding of your purpose.

Stress Management Workshops: With our trained counselors teaching these techniques, you can be sure to enjoy a workshop learning how to tune in with your emotions. We love offering courses that will benefit you and providing skills you can take with you.

Personal Development Workshops: Explore fresh ways to develop social skills. Overcoming shyness to increase interpersonal skills can help you create a supportive circle of friends after recovery. We want you to discover your strengths as you navigate personal challenges and embrace heightened levels of confidence.

Sound therapy: This innovative alternative therapy works at a cellular level to initiate healing. Sound therapy uses varying pitches and vibrations to help improve chi, release negative emotions, alleviate pain and stress and balance the mind, body, and spirit.

Evening Meeting – Wrapping Up The Daily Schedule

Our evenings involve attending a group addiction meeting. Currently, this meeting is via Zoom because of COVID-19. When we can do so safely, these will go back to in-person meetings. This meeting offers our clients a chance to connect with others who have very similar experiences. Connecting with others is a great way to end the day and hear stories that confirm why you are searching for recovery.

Although this blog describes our program’s daily schedule, we want to be clear that each day is a new adventure at The Haven. Our staff and clients are here to enjoy the process of recovery. We know that this is an arduous process, so we provide such stimulating and unique experiences and programs for you to become immersed. 

The best way to determine which type of care that suits your situation is to contact a Haven at Pismo Recovery Advisor. Our knowledgeable staff will help you through the admissions process and help you stay committed to your restorative treatment! Call 805.202.3440 to verify insurance or discuss your substance abuse history now and see when you can begin the healing process.

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