What Level of Care is Right for Me?

When deciding to start your journey to recovery, it is important to assess the care you will need and the ability of the treatment center to provide it. We wanted to create a blog that can guide you through each care level and bring awareness to what sets us apart, which is the ability to serve you at all levels of care here at The Haven. 

At the Haven, we have designed a unique Phase Program to encompass our value of providing the full continuum of care for each client. Our mission is to Rebuild Lives and Restore Hope, and we achieve this by being a resource throughout your journey. Each level of addiction is entirely different, which is why we work with you to build a tailored recovery and treatment experience to meet your unique needs.

We can accompany you through the following stages:

Phase 1: Detoxification

As your body works to disentangle itself from the urge to use substances, you may begin to experience side effects that could benefit from holistic or pharmaceutical intervention. You can put your trust in our team to not only safeguard your health but manage your withdrawal symptoms and provide compassionate care when you are at your most vulnerable.

The Haven at Pismo offers detox programs for those struggling with substance abuse as well as co-occurring mental health conditions, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression. Our center is located in a peaceful setting with spectacular views. 

The medical detox program includes:

  • Medical services
  • Physician & nurse supervision
  • Counseling & grief support
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Family counseling & support
  • Private accommodations
  • World-class amenities

The Pines detox provides a residence during your detox to stabilize your health, cleanse toxins for your body, and lay the foundation for long-term sobriety. Starting this journey will undoubtedly be difficult, but having a supervised detox help with support, resources, and the encouragement you need to pursue a motivated, fruitful recovery.

Removing the stumbling blocks that keep you stuck in a cycle of chemical dependency, our staff empowers you by:

  • Demystifying the detox process
  • Helping you recognize & confront your fears
  • Managing withdrawal symptoms
  • Providing coping strategies
  • Supporting you emotionally

Phase 2 – Residential Care

The Haven at Pismo provides advanced substance abuse treatment in a peaceful atmosphere on California’s Central Coast. Our facility is a sanctuary to help those seeking physical restoration, spiritual reawakening, and freedom from chemical dependency.

Our Residential treatment offers an intensive therapeutic experience that starts with medically supervised detox and extends to active recovery and aftercare support. During your inpatient stay at our private healing center, your customized care plan may include the following:

  • Psycho-educational programs
  • Medical & psychiatric care
  • Individual & group therapy sessions
  • Family counseling
  • Pharmaceutical management for co-occurring disorder
  • Holistic & experiential therapies
  • Life skills workshops
  • Outdoor recreation & Salt-Water Pool

Research shows that when clients face a dual diagnosis, they have the greatest chance at improving their quality of life when both their co-occurring disorder and addiction are treated together. Because our experienced clinicians also specialize in mental health, our center can handle the complex needs of these clients.  

Here, we offer treatment for drug or alcohol dependency and other conditions, including: 

  • Eating disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Attention disorders
  • Severe depression & anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Phase 3 – Full-Time Outpatient (PHP)

As you step down from the Residential Treatment program, the Haven at Pismo’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) allows you to attend intensive therapy and holistic programming by day while continuing to reside in your own home. You may also choose to stay at a local sober living accommodation during your substance abuse recovery. If you do not require an intensive inpatient stay or are not eligible for residential treatment, PHP could be the ideal solution for you.

Partial hospitalization is a wise choice if your substance misuse or co-occurring mental illness impacts your quality of life and influences your ability to function at work, home, or school. PHP also provides a structured treatment environment that helps people transition home after residential rehab—or return to recovery after a crisis or relapse.

During partial hospitalization, clients of The Haven receive a flexible, comprehensive therapy plan and life skills training without any additional cost of living on campus. Depending on insurance coverage, PHP may be the best option for treating your drug addiction, alcoholism, or mood disorder. Many graduates of The Haven’s residential rehab move seamlessly into our Partial Hospitalization Program until feeling ready to return home full-time.

As a PHP guest, you will attend rehab for six hours a day, six days per week: entering a supportive environment that includes therapy, disease education, and aftercare planning with our experts. Working with licensed therapists and credentialed staff, you will continue to address and understand your destructive patterns, treat co-occurring symptoms, and build a robust aftercare toolbox. 

Services will include:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Lab & accountability testing
  • Medical supervision
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) curriculum
  • Case management
  • Access to family counseling

Part-Time Outpatient (IOP) & Minimum Outpatient (OP)

Clients who have completed residential treatment or do not require an inpatient recovery environment find helpful and compassionate support with our Outpatient Programs (OPs). OPs enable participants to live at home during rehabilitation. They may even allow them to continue with employment and family obligations if they are unable to take a leave of absence. This program might be ideal for those in later recovery stages or those who have had more of a functional relationship with substances.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Working with an individual therapist, you will also attend group therapy tailored to your weekly schedule. IOP clients attend treatment three hours a day, three days a week—with scheduled case management, medical follow-ups, and accountability testing included. Special attention is paid in IOP to family counseling and relapse prevention since clients live in an unsupervised home environment.
  • Outpatient Program (OP). Flexibly designed to fit into your schedule and lifestyle, our outpatient programs can vary in frequency and length based on severity. Customized OPs offer versatile scheduling and incorporate individualized counseling, case management, group therapy, medical follow-ups, and family counseling. During OP, co-occurring disorder patients also check in with their therapist or clinician to report progress, discuss medication management, or share other concerns.

Aftercare – Free – For Life!

Returning home after substance abuse treatment is a significant step in your sobriety journey. This transition will be difficult even under the best circumstances and is even riskier if you do not have a customized exit and aftercare plan in place. From the moment you enter our program, our team of addiction specialists will partner with you to develop strategies that reduce the risk of relapse and help maintain your sobriety long-term.

There are many reasons to commit to an individualized aftercare strategy. These include:

  • Support & accountability. Aftercare plans, sobriety coaches, and support groups will give you the tools needed to feel confident in your recovery. To remain committed to your recovery, you will need to use these tools again and again.
  • Improved self-esteem. When you build a plan, it will be easier to stick to the journey as you experience success—which enhances self-esteem and gives you the confidence to achieve other ambitious recovery goals.
  • Renewed motivation. Because addiction is a chronic disease, you may sometimes lose traction. Partnering with your support team can re-energize you to continue forward movement.

No matter what stage or step you are in in your recovery, The Haven at Pismo is here for you. Our experts are trained to meet you where you are and will be a resource no matter your hurdles throughout recovery. It is always best to speak with one of our representatives to help you decide the level of care that is best for you. We hope we can be the center to help you heal and reach a more connected long-term recovery than ever before. 

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