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The Haven at Pismo is set apart from other California addiction recovery facilities by our unique blend of multi-modal therapies. One of these cutting-edge alternatives is sound frequency therapy, which works at a cellular level to initiate healing. While sound therapy has been practiced for centuries in yoga classes, meditation environments, and other healing venues, it is also a valuable tool for the treatment of drug and alcohol misuse and co-occurring mental illness.

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During therapy sessions, clients lie in a resting position and listen to sound vibrations played at varying pitches and intervals. Your practitioner may use tuning forks, gongs, drums, crystal singing bowls, or even his or her voice to encourage a meditative state and alter brain waves. Exposure to these sound tools causes cells to vibrate at a healing frequency, leading to a number of benefits:

Clients who struggle with the practice of meditation may find sound therapy particularly useful since the vibration provides a targeted focal point to distract from outside influences.

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In addition to decreasing the intensity of addiction-related symptoms, healing sound therapy may be effective in the treatment of behavioral and mental health issues or dual diagnoses. Our credentialed practitioners evaluate your health history to determine whether sound therapy is a wise choice for your customized care plan.

Holistic Modalities for Addiction Healing

Stress, including that inflicted by addiction or mental illness, slows the body’s healing process, derails the immune system, and damages the mind-body connection. At The Haven, our team of addiction specialists recognizes the critical relationship between physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness. As you transform your diet, exercise regime, and stress-relieving habits, your body begins to heal itself—and that is what we want for you. To find out if you are a candidate for sound therapy or to speak with a Recovery Advisor about our complementary therapy options, call now: 805.202.3440.

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