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Nutritional Counseling

Flavorful, nutritious food is one of life’s joys—and a key way to fuel your body and sustain the energy needed to do the rigorous work required for substance abuse recovery. Unfortunately, most of our clients have neglected nutrition, exercise, and basic self-care while caught in the cycle of addiction or dual diagnosis. As you build a healthful lifestyle, trained addiction specialists help you create dietary patterns that support your sobriety and correct nutritional deficiencies.

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Chef-Prepared Meals

The Haven at Pismo is home to a skilled culinary team. Each meal prepared for our detox, residential, and partial hospitalization clients incorporates healthy cooking techniques, hearty presentation, and nutrient-dense ingredients. Drawing on our geographies unique access to produce from local farms and orchards, providing farm-to-table, organic, and other natural options is a routine part of the Haven dining experience. The Haven also accommodates special nutritional needs, food intolerances, or religious dietary concerns.

Nutritional Education

nutritional counseling at our holistic drug rehabIn addition to providing a memorable, nutritious dining experience, The Haven staff teaches clients which nutrients are beneficial to the healing process and which foods to avoid during recovery. Residents replace sugar, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods with healthy fiber, quality proteins, and antioxidant-rich vegetables. Healthy, balanced snacks stabilize blood sugar between meals and help recovering addicts avoid mood swings and cravings.

It may take years to reverse some of the damage that substance abuse inflicts on your body—but nutritional guidance is an essential part of any customized rehab program. Through education and hands-on training, our staff of dieticians and culinary specialists helps you combat the risk and effects of these addiction-related conditions:

Focus on Physical Wellness at The Haven

Just as nutrition is an essential part of your recovery program, you also need to get your body moving. Exercise elevates energy, decreases stress, and helps toxins leave your body. The Haven at Pismo offers adventure therapy and year-round recreation opportunities tailored to your interests, and diet and exercise are emphasized throughout every phase of rehab. Inquire about our holistic rehab program or begin the insurance verification process today: 805.202.3440.

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