Long-Term Recovery Planning

Returning home after substance abuse treatment is a defining moment in your sobriety journey. The transition is difficult under the best circumstances, and is even riskier if you do not have a customized exit and aftercare plan in place. From the moment you enter The Haven at Pismo, our team of addiction specialists partners with you to develop strategies that reduce the risk of relapse and keep your sobriety on course.

Create Your Customized Aftercare Plan

Aside from relapse prevention, there are many other reasons to commit to an individualized aftercare strategy. These include:

  • Support & accountability. Aftercare plans, sobriety coaches, and support groups are invaluable additions to your recovery toolbox. To remain vigilant in your recovery, you will need to return to these tools again and again.
  • Improved self-esteem. When you stick to the plan, you experience success—which enhances self-esteem and gives you the confidence to achieve other ambitious recovery goals.
  • Renewed motivation. Because addiction is a chronic disease, you may sometimes lose traction. Partnering with your support team can re-energize you to continue forward movement.

Components of an Aftercare Plan

  • An in-depth understanding of triggers and stressors.
  • Provisions for attending a 12-step program or support group.
  • Evaluation & medication follow-ups for co-occurring disorders.
  • List of telephone numbers, to include therapists, sober companions, pastors, or sobriety coaches.
  • Caseworker meetings to assist with job searches, vocational training, or community support services.
  • Holistic therapies for stress management.
  • Continued individual counseling or family counseling as needed.
  • Community, church, or volunteer activities.

Lifetime Sobriety

  • The Haven at Pismo’s Pismo Beach rehab center helps you establish a plan for a healthier future, but over time, your aftercare strategy evolves to meet the ongoing needs of your life situation. When you need to get back to basics or recover after a relapse, call our team of credentialed addiction specialists: 805.202.3440. Our proven continuum of care includes medical detox, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment for every phase of your addiction recovery journey.

"My stay at The Haven gave me back 2 things I could never place any monetary value on.

They are: my sobriety and my ability to once again look people in the eye when I speak to them"

We’ll help you find recovery that lasts a lifetime. Call 1-805-202-3440 to get started.


The Haven is no longer taking patients as it takes its time to reshape itself so to best service the needs of the greater SLO community.

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