Life Skills Program

Recovery is a multi-dimensional process. As you reintegrate into your daily life beyond the Haven and begin to develop a balanced, satisfying way of living, working and relating, our life enhancement skills team is here to support you.

The Haven’s Life Skills programming takes clients through a holistic process of motivating and life enhancing coaching services. Working collaboratively with our coaches to uncover new perspectives and new skills, program participants learn what their best life can look like and receive the support to take the actions to make it a reality.

Learn Life Skills for Addiction Recovery

During the Life Skills portion of our recovery programs, our coaching team offers: 

  • Stress management and wellness group workshops
  • Programming that supports those interested in exploring new ways to develop social skills; overcoming shyness to increase interpersonal ease and develop a supportive circle of friends
  • Workshops to discover and use personal strengths to effectively navigate personal challenges and embrace new levels of confidence.

Benefits of Life Skills Training

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the relapse rate for drug dependency is 40 to 60 percent. At the Haven at Pismo, we believe life skills development is essential for cultivating sustained sobriety and enhancing quality of life. Put simply, creating a solid routine, which includes engaging in positive activities and habits, is central to lasting recovery.

The Haven’s Life Skills programming has been developed to help you create a clear vision of what you’d like to see for yourself. You will receive support to take the necessary steps to stay grounded while taking the necessary actions to move forward. Consider us your safety net as you establish healthy patterns that form the foundation and building blocks of your sobriety and your resulting, thriving life.

Come Home to the Haven

In our tranquil beach town, you will find a stunning facility and an expertly trained staff of compassionate encouragers. Our residentialoutpatient and transitional living environments offer supportive surroundings in which to embark upon your journey of renewal. Call 805.202.3440 to inquire about admission, speak with a recovery advisor, or discuss the role of The Haven’s Life Skills Programming and how this can play a key role in your rehabilitation experience.

"My stay at The Haven gave me back 2 things I could never place any monetary value on.

They are: my sobriety and my ability to once again look people in the eye when I speak to them"

We’re ready to help you recover. Send us an email or call 1-805-202-3440 to take the next step.


The Haven is no longer taking patients as it takes its time to reshape itself so to best service the needs of the greater SLO community.

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