JCAHO Accredited Center

The Haven is proud to be a JCAHO accredited addiction treatment facility. The Joint Commission is an independent group that accredits and/or certifies health care programs and organizations that demonstrate exceptional conformance to service standards.

Joint Commission Accredited Treatment Center

Gaining JCAHO accreditation signifies that The Haven met or surpassed Joint Commission standards for quality and safety in regards to facility quality and management, treatment practices, and quality of care. Joint Commission accreditation provides our clients an increased sense of confidence in our facility’s ability to treat those suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. It also conveys that The Haven is an industry leader in organizational management, facility safety, and rate and thoroughness of communication with a client’s family and loved ones. The coveted Joint Commission seal is recognized universally as a stamp of legitimacy, and indicates a facility’s philosophy and standards of care are far above the industry norm. Joint Commission accreditation is contingent upon continuous improvement, indicating a facility must continually strive for, and exhibit, greatness in all areas of its operation to maintain its status. The Haven is proud to be recognized as one of the world’s premier addiction treatment facilities. We are even more proud that our clients, community, and industry peers recognize us as a program where those who desperately need help can receive it.

"They offer the most cutting edge and compassionate approach to addiction recovery."

Contact our accredited recovery center online or give us a call at 1-805-202-3440.


The Haven is no longer taking patients as it takes its time to reshape itself so to best service the needs of the greater SLO community.

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