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Hypnotherapy for Addiction Recovery

For those in recovery for substance abuse, hypnotherapy is a holistic lifestyle option that reinforces sobriety and reduces the chance of relapse. In partnership with our highly qualified addiction treatment specialists, The Haven offers hypnotherapy sessions to complement group and individual psychotherapy programming.

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During hypnosis, practitioners use carefully honed relaxation techniques to bypass a person’s consciousness and communicate on a deeper level. As they enter this calm, intense state of focus, clients are more open to suggestion about behavior changes compatible with their sobriety goals.

With a therapist’s guidance, women and men may also delve into the root of their addiction by sharing blocked memories or childhood experiences. While not everyone can be hypnotized, this holistic practice has proven to be a useful part of the Haven recovery program for many clients.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy, holistic addiction centerHypnosis is used in conjunction with more traditional treatments for those dealing with substance abuse or dual diagnosis. It may be especially helpful for clients dealing with resentment, fear, regret, jealousy, or anger that has been buried too deep to access on a conscious level.

During recovery, your licensed Haven hypnosis clinician may use guided relaxation to:

Hypnotherapy & Holistic Addiction Recovery

Located on California’s diversely beautiful Central Coast, The Haven at Pismo welcomes men and women who are weary from the ravages of substance abuse. To optimize your chances of success, our team creates a customized recovery program—whether you are entering rehab for the first time or have just experienced a relapse.

Other holistic and experiential therapies are available in addition to hypnotherapy, and are used to treat detox symptoms, relieve stress, and promote overall wellness. Reach a Haven Resident Advisor by dialing 805.202.3440 or sending a confidential email.

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