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There are several proven treatment options for those seeking help with substance abuse disorders, and group therapy is one of the most effective. Especially in the early days of recovery, group therapy can be a valuable tool to help establish a strong foundation for long-term sobriety.

However, it may seem intimidating at first for people to talk about an intensely personal topic such as addiction in a group setting. Before you dismiss the benefits of this type of support, it’s essential for you to understand what it’s all about and appreciate the reasons you might find it so helpful.

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What Is Group Therapy?

group therapyAs the name suggests, group therapy is when an addiction counselor brings together several people who are facing common challenges. Within a safe and controlled therapeutic atmosphere, participants can discuss the struggles they share.

The goal of group therapy is for each participant to understand and accept the underlying reasons for their disease, while simultaneously supporting others in the group. Group therapy, in conjunction with one-on-one counseling and other programs, is part of an individualized treatment plan that helps people with substance abuse issues on their road to recovery.

What Does Group Therapy Offer?

At The Haven at Pismo, we endorse and use evidence-based treatments, such as support groups, as part of our multi-modal approach to healing to address a variety of issues associated with addiction, including the following.

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