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Goals of Addiction Treatment

SLO County rehabAddiction is a complex disease that causes significant mental and physical changes. Successful recovery from a substance misuse disorder requires the addicted person to make a complete commitment to the process and to approach it with a positive mindset. It also requires setting relevant, specific and measurable goals to track their progress.

Because no two people with a substance addiction are the same, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach to successful addiction management. Finding what works best for each client and putting it into practice takes significant effort, but is well worth the time when it comes to achieving results.

Our Treatment Objectives

At The Haven at Pismo Beach, our top priority is to stop the addiction, and then we work to educate families, create a personalized treatment plan and help clients build coping and life skills for a hope-filled future.

The goals of our addiction recovery program are to:

  • Immediately cease the progression of the disease through abstinence from alcohol and drugs. Stopping the drug and alcohol use is the first step toward a recovered life.
  • Educate both the patient and family about the natural history of the disease and the consequences of leaving it untreated. Addiction is not a moral failing or a series of poor choices. Through education, clients and their families appreciate the need for treatment and become open to seeking help through rehab.
  • Provide a framework for each patient to apply their addiction recovery education to their history of substance misuse. We do more than talk about recovery; we offer evidence-based treatment that provides lasting results.
  • Teach new coping skills and the tools necessary to change thinking and behavior, allowing the patient to meet life’s challenges without depending on alcohol or drugs. Holistic healing and growth is a vital component of identifying triggers and preventing a relapse.
  • Provide hope and optimism for our clients and their families that lays the groundwork for maintaining a sober, responsible and productive life. We believe everyone has the potential to succeed, and we work to help our clients realize that success.

When setting goals, be as specific as possible. For example, it’s not enough to say you want to improve your interpersonal relationships or find a good-paying job. Provide an example of something concrete you are are going to do to reach your goal, then write it down to commit yourself to achieving it. Make sure it’s something you can realistically attain -- for example, if you have a background in business or finance, it would be logical for you to set a goal of getting hired at a bank, instead of a bakery.

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What Is Evidence-Based Practice?

If you are struggling with substance addiction, or trying to find the best treatment program for a loved one with a substance misuse disorder, your priority is finding a program with the highest success rates. One of the most critical elements to look for is a facility that uses evidence-based principles to achieve results. In addiction rehabilitation and other forms of wellness practices, the evidence-based approach uses established scientific research as a foundation for treatment.

There is no universally successful approach to drug and alcohol rehab. It is a process that takes time and includes not only detoxification, but also relapse prevention. That’s why it is vital to incorporate an evidence-based approach supervised by trained and qualified medical professionals.

At The Haven, we offer a comprehensive, client-based approach to rehabilitation that addresses the whole person and takes each client’s unique needs into account when crafting a strategy for their recovery. We want to help people rediscover the joy of life without drug or alcohol dependency. Contact our California rehab facility today to seek help for yourself or a loved one.