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Fitness for Addiction Recovery

Physical exercise is not only an essential part of your recovery toolbox; it also lays the foundation for a healthy, post-addiction lifestyle. Taking an evidence-based approach to fitness and wellness, The Haven at Pismo helps you develop an exercise program tailored to your health needs, lifestyle preferences, and addiction history.

Regular exercise helps with weight maintenance, purges toxins, builds strength and stamina, and increases flexibility and balance. In an idyllic, beach-town setting, Haven clients have the opportunity to participate in indoor and outdoor activities that repair the physical and psychological damage caused by substance abuse.

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Haven at Pismo Fitness Amenities

The best form of fitness during addiction recovery is the kind that motivates you and includes a mix of social, heart-healthy, and meditative recreation. A combination of rigorous exercise and yoga helps restore mind-body balance. Physical training at The Haven is also geared to community building and teamwork.

fitness at our addiction recovery centerTo meet the diverse interests and ages of our clients, our Central Coast recovery facility offers:

Role of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Wellness Amenities for Clients of The Haven

Addiction leads to poor dietary habits and the general neglect of self-care. Just as exercise is a valuable part of a customized addiction recovery program, nutritional guidance is also necessary. The Haven at Pismo offers on-site, chef-prepared meals and food therapy to address nutritional deficiencies and dysfunctional eating patterns.

Fueling your body with healthy fats, lean proteins, and fresh produce increases energy and restores a compromised immune system. To learn more about our fitness and nutrition programs or speak with a counselor 24/7, dial 805.202.3440 today.

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