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Equine Therapy for Addiction Recovery (Coming Soon)

Centuries-old literature mentions the use of horses for therapeutic applications, and equine therapy is used around the world to treat physical handicaps. Mental health professionals also use equine-assisted therapy to help men and women cope with behavioral disorders, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anger, depression, and grief.

For clients recovering from substance abuse or co-occurring disorders, coming face-to-face with a horse can be life-altering in unsuspecting ways.

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Value of Horses in Addiction Treatment

equine therapyHorses are social animals that, similar to humans, can sense people’s emotions. You must establish trust when working with a horse. With the help of our equine friends, our trained staff teaches clients recovering from substance abuse to build relationships, develop rapport, communicate trust, and learn healthy boundaries.

Men and women engaging in equine therapy develop a connection with their horse over a series of sessions. In a safe, supervised environment, our Central Coast rehab therapists teach participants to interact with these animals using verbal and non-verbal cues. Benefits of horse therapy for addiction treatment include:

Equine-Assisted Therapy at The Haven

The only program of its kind on California’s Central Coast, The Haven at Pismo is a private haven for those seeking the refuge of professional addiction treatment. Our evidence-based therapy approaches have proven successful for clients of all ages, and our gender-specific programs meet the unique emotional needs of men and women. To inquire about equine-assisted therapy and other experiential modalities, call a Resident Advisor today: 805.202.3440.

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