Custom Treatment Plans

The most effective substance abuse treatments tend to the whole person rather than just addressing behavioral change. The Haven at Pismo takes an individualized treatment approach based on your unique history and addiction challenges, and each program is designed to address physical, psychosocial, emotional, and family needs.

Individualized Addiction Recovery Services

Our addiction recovery program is successful because it employs a multi-disciplinary approach tailored to the client. Offering experiential, holistic, and evidence-based therapies at our CA Central Coast campus, we develop individualized treatment plans for men and women misusing alcohol, street drugs, opioids, benzodiazepines, marijuana, prescription medications, heroin, and cocaine. A chemical dependency also wreaks havoc on your loved ones and home relationships, in addition to our Pismo Beach recovery program we provide marriage and family counseling on an as-needed basis.

Each one-of-a-kind Haven experiences take place in our well-appointed facility, complete with private rooms* chef-prepared meals, and world-class amenities. As you complete your treatment plan, you will leave our Pismo Beach rehab with a robust toolbox of aftercare techniques tailored to your individual needs.

Specialized & Holistic Therapies

The Haven at Pismo combines a variety of therapy types to achieve your ideal, customized recovery plan. These may include:

Outdoor recreation programs
Yoga & meditation
Nutritional therapy

Since the healing principles of these modalities differ, they are used in combination to bring about body, mind, and spirit healing. This type of holistic, personalized approach to drug and alcohol recovery is one of the unique benefits of our California rehab center.

Detox & Recovery Is a Phone Call Away

If you have been putting off addiction recovery, make a decisive move today. Contact a Resident Advisor to verify insurance coverage or request admission to our individualized rehab programs. Recover from substance abuse or mental illness in a tranquil beach setting with experienced practitioners by your side.

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*Upon request at an additional cost

"I'm 48, and I had NO CLUE that I was causing myself so much mental anguish. I needed the head to toe, holistic approach to recovery. I got that there."

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The Haven is no longer taking patients as it takes its time to reshape itself so to best service the needs of the greater SLO community.

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